Once Customer Success was introduced there was a major shift in how our issues were being treated. We finally felt like we had an effective advocate on our team within Brink who would be helpful in escalating cases and getting to the bottom of any challenges.

With the Customer Success department getting its start at PAR only six months ago, we have had a major impact on client success. Before we dive in, for those of you not familiar with Customer Success at PAR, we focus on client onboarding, client retention, and delivering value to our clients. If you’re interested in learning about Customer Success in general, check out this link from Forrester Research and Sixteen Ventures' Customer Success: The Definitive Guide 2017.

Raising the ‘Voice of the Customer’

This has been our biggest achievement to date. The Customer Success team has had an immediate impact on both our internal organization and on our customers. Serving as the voice of the customer throughout the organization elevates our customer’s concerns and focus so that different channels and departments at PAR can be exposed to how the customer is feeling. Our team has our customers’ voices in mind, and we are not shy about sharing!


Maintaining a strong line of communication

No one can argue that having proper and effective communication is key for any organization. Our team offers a consultative approach to learn about our clients’ goals through scheduled meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews and by examining issues and Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s) that are important to our customers’ success. Our engagements support customers who might need a little extra help, who are having challenges, or who just want to learn about products, services and new features.

According to Tim Carter at Salsarita’s, “Our Customer Success Advisor has been able to break through the departmental silos and cloisters present in the PAR organization and give us a degree of comfort that our concerns are being heard and addressed. This position is filling a critical client need in this time of growth and change for PAR/Brink and its clients. “


Being a Trusted Advocate

Our Customer Success Advisors are truly acting as an extension of our customers’ organizations by being their trusted advocates. The basis of the Customer Success relationship relies on transparency, credibility and reliability. Open lines of communication focus on ensuring our products and services continue to deliver value to our customers. Our goal is defined by our customers’ success, and it really starts with being open and honest.


Helping define the Customer Journey

From initial onboarding, to project completion, Customer Success works with all departments across PAR including development, customer support, marketing, sales, project management, and professional services. Customer Success shares the voice of the customer and stays engaged with all departments through the customer lifecycle. We continually work with other teams at PAR to coordinate handoffs, participate in status meetings, and gather customer health data. Our team focuses on measuring progress with our customers’ definition of success in mind.

Customer Success was introduced to Juice Press several months after their initial implementation had been completed. Adam Smith from Juice Press shared how Customer Success filled the communication gap once he no longer had that constant communication with PAR.

“Once Customer Success was introduced there was a major shift in how our issues were being treated. We finally felt like we had an effective advocate on our team within Brink who would be helpful in escalating cases and getting to the bottom of any challenges. We have someone we feel is a teammate and sympathizes with us.”


Building foundation for Future Success

With cloud POS gaining momentum in the retail market, the role of Customer Success will become more valuable to our customers over time. As the team continues to build out Customer Success, we will be able to use data and metrics to get a full view of customer health. Data will empower our team to proactively identify challenges to building customer success and to highlight and celebrate our customer success wins.

Through our proactive, analytics focused, and success oriented lens, we will continue to put best practices in place and to deliver a rewarding experience for our clients and company alike.

As some Customer Success experts have said on Amazon, “Success isn’t a Destination, it’s a Journey” and the team looks forward to this journey with our clients and with PAR.

Alan Schaffer

Alan Schaffer

Alan is the Director of Customer Success at PAR's San Diego BRINK software office. Alan has been working in customer success for the past several years where he created and developed a customer success team at a tech company in Southern California. Alan earned his MBA from Chapman University and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Albany, New York. Alan is responsible for building a world-class customer success function while developing processes, programs, and tools that help drive the continued success of PAR’s customers. Located in sunny Southern California, Alan enjoys hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities with his family.

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