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The Power of Partnerships

It’s hard to talk about the Power of Partnerships without first talking about the power of an Open API Architecture.

If your POS isn’t designed to easily communicate with your other technology partners, you may be missing out on valuable actionable data to drive your operations and grow your business. You could be working with all the industry leading technology platforms, but how they INTERACT with each other is paramount to your success.

So, what exactly is an Open API? An open API is often referred to as a public API, which is essentially a publicly available application program interface that allows multiple types of software to communicate with each other. In today’s environment, cloud-based POS platforms are highly regarded for their open architecture, real-time flow, and access to data across your restaurant.

In today’s restaurant environment, it is unlikely that one technology vendor can meet all of your needs. Your best bet is to understand where all of your technology touch points are and ensure you are working with a POS vendor that can work with them today, or is willing to make the investment to develop that relationship. These relationships empower operators to look at Loyalty, for example, to understand guest’s behavior and spending habits; accept orders and payment from guests before they walk in the door; track the velocity and quality of products and keep employees engaged to provide that perfect guest experience.

What technology touch points should every restaurant operator be thinking about today? Below is a brief list to get you thinking:

  • Payment and Gift Cards
  • Back-Office
  • Loyalty
  • Online/Mobile Ordering
  • Kitchen Video System
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Accounting

What is not on this list is the next BIG thing that we don’t even know is coming yet! Voice activated ordering, Artificial Intelligence, cashless restaurants, and more are just a few topics that are dominating industry technology discussions today. Your consumers are demanding, and tomorrow’s consumers won’t be any less so. Setting yourself up with technology that is open, flexible and quick to adapt is a must.

If you’re currently starting the POS Evaluation phase, check out this webinar recording hosted by PAR and FastCasual.com, featuring Tim Carter from Salsarita’s: 5 Essential Strategies for Selecting and Implementing a Cloud-Based POS, which discusses integration planning for your business among other great topics to help guide you through the process.

To see a list of PixelPoint and Brink POS Integration Partners, click HERE.

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Katy Heintz

Katy Heintz

As Marketing Manager, Katy is focused on execution of demand generating activities throughout North America to continuously build ‘top of the funnel’ sales opportunities. This includes tradeshows, email marketing, telemarketing, webinars, advertising via social media, google ad words, publications and more. Katy supports both of our direct and channel sales organizations in the US and Canada to include Brink POS, PixelPoint POS, SureCheck® for Food Safety and our wide range of hardware platforms.

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