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Using mPOS to Manage Staff and Sales on the Go

Mobile point of sale systems, or mPOS, can create on-demand sales reports, manage inventory in real-time and help manage employees from a remote location.

There is no question that point of sale technology helps businesses conduct sales more efficiently. Instead of trying to track and account for handwritten sales slips, orders are now easily placed and delivered effortlessly with the push of a button. 

But using that same POS system as a virtual manager? Is that possible? 

Thanks to cloud-based technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), business owners can now use mobile point of sale solutions through enterprise grade POS tablets, peripherals, and accessories to extend their POS platforms. 

Mobile point of sale systems, or mPOS, can create on-demand sales reports, manage inventory in real-time, capture customer data, and help manage employees from a remote location. Busy owners are always on the run and must have access to this kind of information. Here’s why: 


Immediate Availability of Sales Reports and Analytics 

Are you so concerned about your sales that you hardly leave your office? It’s time you saw the light of day! Cloud-based mobile POS solutions provide the best of both worlds by giving you access to the real-time tracking of your sales, inventory, and administrative data from wherever you are; like you never left the building.    

While away, have you ever asked yourself these questions:  

  • How much have we sold today? 
  • Have any of my employees called in sick, or do I need to adjust staffing today? 
  • Do I need to order more stock? 


Rather than driving across town and checking in person, these answers are a click away thanks to your mPOS device and secure cloud-based storage system that captures and stores data as it happens. The access to sales reports and analytics mPOS solutions provide is like having a conversation with your best assistant manager who cares as much about your business as you do. 


Cloud Point of Sale Systems Improve the Overall Customer Experience 

Just like a great manager asking a customer about their experience, mPOS systems help create meaningful exchanges with customers by recording and storing important customer information. More than just their general information, you can track purchase history, enroll them in loyalty programs, offer customized promotions and more! 


You can also offer customers more than one way to experience your brand. Online ordering options, promotions, and mobile rewards programs can help initially grab their attention, and then help keep them coming back as loyal customers.  

mPOS solutions Help Manage and Motivate Your Employees 

Employees are always on their best behavior when the boss is around. What happens when you’re not? With a mobile point of sale system in place, they know you are paying attention at all times.  

Another benefit is it helps ease the sometimes arduous human resource administrative tasks that take your time and focus away from making money. Here’s how: 

  • Cloud POS systems allow 24/7 access to the real-time calendar that keeps your operation running at full speed. Having on-the-go access to things like schedules, inventory, and sales figures can help manage your time and resources more efficiently. 
  • Access to employee sales records, schedules, and vacation time helps prevent fraud and expensive overtime pay. 
  • mPOS system sales reports can help fuel the energy behind your sales incentive programs. These reports can rank employees based on productivity, and will help you reward the best employees and identify the ones that need to improve. 


Managing Your Inventory is Ease through mPOS 

When a customer wants to know if you have something in stock, they don’t care whether you had it that morning—they want to know if you have it right now. Can you tell them with your current system? Or would they have to wait for 15 minutes while you search your back room? 

That short search frustrates your customers and makes your business appear outdated. That is why it is so important to have an mPOS system that can provide instant answers. 

In addition to helping with customer service, real-time reports help manage your inventory and control overhead costs. Whether you are using your mobile point of sale system to check your inventory in Aisle 3 or on the other side of the world, it will provide the answers you need. 

Not long ago, every business had a room where receipts were tallied, ledgers were updated by hand, and written requests were gathered and placed in filing cabinets. Now, this information is available online thanks to mobile point of sale solutions through cloud-based technology. For the busy owner always on the go, mPOS systems keep them connected to their business while away, and provides greater accountability for all. 


PAR’s slick, modern POS software Brink keeps customer data safe and secure in the cloud. Restaurants that deployed Brink can effectively integrate with online/mobile ordering and loyalty programs, along with fast, easy software updates. It’s monthly payment, SaaS model means there are no long term commitments! Click below for more info. 

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Melanie Bradley

Melanie Bradley

Melanie Bradley is the Product Marketing Specialist for PAR’s POS Restaurant Technology platform. Melanie holds a Master's degree from Florida State University in Humanities with a minor in English and Creative Writing. She works extensively with the Product Management Team to create product messaging, conduct competitive research on product positioning, and creating launch plans to bring hardware, software and service products to market. Melanie is a certified Yoga instructor, an avid CrossFitter and an adventure enthusiast.

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