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Why Your Business Should Participate in Restaurant Week

The summer and fall months are a prime time for Restaurant Weeks to start popping up.

Restaurant Week is when a group of restaurants in the area put together a prix-fixe menu consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert, so guests can sample the restaurants best dishes. It’s a great way for diners to take a tour of the different cuisines in their local area, and hopefully result in them returning to try something different and becoming raving fans.

However, being a part of Restaurant Week can result in a lot of extra planning, prepping and additional staffing. Is it worth the extra time and money? We sure thing so!

Why you should participate

If you haven’t considered being a part of your local Restaurant Week, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to -

  • show-off your culinary skills and create a unique menu
  • welcome new guests into your establishment
  • offer already loyal guests something new to try
  • become more involved in your community
  • fill your restaurant during slower dining seasons

Increase your social media presence

Restaurant Week often results in drool-worthy social posts from guests. Almost every city has developed their own Restaurant Week hashtag, so diners can snap a picture of their dishes and show them off to their followers; resulting in more visitors and social buzz around your business.

These posts will also include a few comments from the diner on their overall experience. If a friend or family member says they had a great meal at a restaurant, you are more likely to give it a try, right? So, just one positive review could drive numerous guests through the door.

On the other hand, the same holds true for a negative review. Make sure your staff and restaurant is fully prepared for increased foot traffic and to provide exceptional service. This may mean scheduling a few extra employees during the week to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Turn new customers into regulars

Restaurant Week is an opportunity to bring new customers through the door and wow them with a creative, delicious menu. Aside from serving them an amazing meal, offer a loyalty or rewards incentive for restaurant week diners, to bring them back again.

Still not convinced? Check out the below upcoming Restaurant Weeks in major cities throughout the U.S.

San Diego, CA: 9/24-10/1

New York City: 7/24 – 8/18

Houston, TX: 8/1-9/4

Boston, MA: 8/6-8/11 & 8/13-8/18

Nashville, TN: 8/21-8/27

Arizona: 9/15 – 9/24

Atlanta, GA: monthly



Jaclyn Grace

Jaclyn Grace

Jaclyn Grace is the PR Specialist at PAR Technology. Jaclyn ensures PAR is effectively promoted in industry publications globally and writes press releases and company updates to keep shareholders and investors up to date on company information.

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